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10 Gifts For Our Children That Money Can’t Buy

Non material gifts for children straight from the heart.

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13 Best Tips Ever for Avoiding Power Struggles with Your Child: Plus, 5 Ways Out of a Power Struggle

Few things push our buttons as much as asking our child to do something and receiving an emphatic “No!” This one word is often enough to instantly catapult a peaceful moment into a disastrous confrontation. What most of us don’t realize is we’ve often inadvertently set up the power struggle before the fatal “no” is even uttered.

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15 Tips To Help You Survive the Holidays With Your Family

Although we anticipate the holidays being a time filled with family, fun and traditions, it can quickly turn into a calamity. Parents may feel frazzled and overcommitted while children are experiencing excitement and sugary treats.

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Are You Over-Doing It With Your Kids?

New evidence suggests that in our efforts to give children the best, we end up over-doing it and unknowingly creating some negative consequences for our children.

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Are You Parenting Like a Caveman?

Upon discovering that you’ve made a mistake or a bad decision, how do you react? Are you kind, forgiving, and loving toward yourself? Do you reflect on your choices and objectively analyze how you can do better next time? Or, do you react with negative self talk cursing your stupidity under your breath? Or worse?

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Conscious Parenting With Lauren Bondy

Lauren is interviewed on BlogTalkRadio. Fast forward to 6:36 by clicking on the scrolling words to hear Lauren's segment on Conscious Parenting.

Preventing Sibling Rivalry

All siblings will fight from time to time, but parents can consciously choose to behave in ways that reduce competition and negative feelings between siblings. Here are some ways to alleviate sibling rivalry in your home.

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The Hidden Gift Behind Our Biggest Parenting Struggles

Finding life lessons and ways to grow while working through parenting issues.

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You’re Not My Friend Anymore!

Coping with peer conflict and social issues.

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