ONLINE PARENTING CLASS: Conscious Parenting: A Guide to Parenting from your Heart

Foster responsibility, resiliency and self-esteem in your children.
End tantrums and tears, reduce power struggles, set limits that work and hold children accountable.
Deepen your connection to your child and increase confidence in your parenting style.

This course includes:

  • Six hours of parenting tools & strategies.
  • Video demonstrations that show you what to do and what not to do when facing everyday parenting challenges.
  • A downloadable workbook that makes it easy to follow along.
  • The ease of completing this course at your convenience.
  • Access to top parenting experts for personalized questions at a discount (optional).


Length: 6 hours

10 lessons, each 25-40 minutes of video including demonstrations.

Option 1: Course – $69

Includes downloadable workbook.

Option 2: Course + Certificate – $69

Includes downloadable workbook, quiz, and certificate.

Unlimited Access To The Course For 18 Months

“This class changed my life.  I learned so many tools.  The daily struggles are gone and my family is finally more peaceful.”


Karen and Lauren are licensed therapists and mothers. Since 2002, they have helped over 15,000 parents be the parents they want to be with their inspiring, interactive presentations, workshops, courses as well as private parent coaching sessions. They are the Co-founders of Parenting Perspectives.

Lauren Bondy, LCSW         Karen Jacobson, MA, LCPC, LMFT

What You'll Learn

Check out some of the important things you’ll learn in Parenting Perspectives’ highly acclaimed, 10-session online course.

Bring out the best in your children at any age.

We introduce you to conscious parenting, a pragmatic approach that helps you recognize and nurture your children’s unique gifts and talents, and to support them on their journey to become happy, successful, responsible and confident adults.

End tantrums and power struggles

Do you ever “snap” even after promising yourself that you will remain calm and patient?We offer self-care ideas, practical tools to remain calm and address some of the obstacles that get in our way.

Get on the same page as your partner.

The quality of your relationship with your parenting partner or co- parent significantly affects your child’s development, wellbeing and behavior. We offer ideas for fostering a healthy relationship and improving communication with your co-parent.

Learn to accept your children.

You’ll learn to assess your child’s temperament, understand developmental stages and acknowledge and accept your child’s feelings.

Set firm limits, and discipline effectively.

Are you one of those parents who finds themselves repeating requests until you start yelling? We’ll help you shift away from punitive parenting and toward discipline that is respectful, logical and promotes positive behavior in the future.

 Watch: Set Limits Effectively with 4 Simple Steps

Understand why your kids misbehave in the first place.

We teach you how to understand and identify your child’s unwanted or concerning behavior—and what may be behind it—so that you can successfully intervene and support your child, while getting the result you want.

End sibling rivalry.

We’ll provide useful tips that will help promote cooperation, connection and respect among siblings (or others in your life), and some ideas on what not to do—those unwitting parenting behaviors that foster rivalry and animosity. Learn how to teach siblings to problem solve on their own.

Watch: Why Children Should Be Allowed to Express Negative Feelings About Siblings

Nurture responsibility and resilience.

Raising responsible and resilient children requires that we give them responsibilities and teach them to solve their own problems. We’ll provide useful guidelines to help children learn the value of chores/ jobs. You will get tools to teach kids how to navigate through struggles/challenge so they begin develop inner strength and resilience.