Press Room

To schedule Parenting Perspectives for keynote speakers, podcasts, panelists, webinar interviews, and television or radio appearances contact:

Karen Jacobson, MA, LCPC, LMFT
karen [at]
(312) 330-3194

Lauren Bondy, LCSW
lauren [at]
(847) 562-9503

Media Appearances

If you’re looking to educate, entertain and enlighten your audience, let Karen and Lauren be your guest! Their fun, practical and matter-of-fact style will inspire and motivate your audience to put the fun and joy back into parenting! Your audience members will have the opportunity to learn:

  • Simple strategies that will reduce hassles, tantrums and tears
  • Discipline without yelling
  • How to raise respectful and responsible children
  • Avoid raising over-indulged children

Contact Karen or Lauren today to discuss a wide variety of topic choices guaranteed to be helpful for your audience!

Past Media Exposure

Click on either screen below to see Parenting Perspectives on ABC's "Connect with Kids" with Judy Hsu!

Karen discusses "Teaching Children Values that Really Matter."

Lauren discusses "Sibling Rivalry."