Helping Children Succeed With Homework

Helping Children Succeed With Homework


  1. Have a positive attitude; homework builds responsibility and reinforces learning
  2. Set clear expectations and consistent limits
  3. Make daily agreements about the homework plan – provide choices
  4. Divide homework into manageable chunks
  5. Allow for breaks
  6. Respond with empathy to frustration, anxiety, anger, avoidance and complaints
  7. Intervene only when your child wants help; move away when your child begins to work
  8. Use words such as, “You can do it,” “Give it a try,” “What’s the next step,” “What part can you do”
  9. Focus on effort vs. grades


  1. Nag, bribe or punish to get kids to do the work
  2. Fight with your child over homework
  3. Rescue child from struggle
  4. Work harder than you child (it is not your homework)
  5. Comment negatively on the teacher or the homework
  6. Over-schedule your child




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