Our Philosophy

Parenting Perspectives was founded on the belief that children and families will thrive in an environment of love, understanding and connection. We believe that the role of parent is a transformational journey, and that the inevitable challenges it holds offer numerous gifts along the way. As we embark on this journey it can become complicated. With no formal training there are times we feel inadequately prepared. We are faced with conflicting advice and can be constrained by limiting beliefs. Karen and Lauren offer practical solutions to these parenting struggles.

Parenting Perspectives has identified and embraced Ten Basic Principles that affect all children’s development and behavior. We have developed tools and strategies based on those principles; and applying them can alleviate much of the daily stress and struggle that all parents face. Our unique presentation style includes demonstrations that show how to implement the tools, avoid parenting traps, and foster responsibility, resilience and self-esteem. The demonstrations hold up a mirror so that parents can see their own behavior and consciously choose who they want to be.

We believe all children flourish with nurturance, love and positive discipline. We believe that children don’t need to suffer in order to learn. We believe that actions have consequences. We believe that loving and caring for your self is essential to being a successful parent; and that your children will present you with numerous opportunities to observe your reactive nature and by doing so take responsibility. Mostly, we believe that children will consistently respond well to parents armed with compassion, curiosity, limit-setting tools, and self-awareness so they can remain calm when applying the parenting tools.

On a deeper level, we believe that by embracing our principles and tools, parents come to recognize that their greatest strength is the power to love. And with this awareness, they raise children who bring us one step closer to creating a compassionate world.

“Out of all the parenting courses I have ever taken, the things I have learned from Parenting Perspectives have had the most impact on me, and ultimately on my kids. Thank you for all of your great advice. It really works!”

– Mother of Twins, Age 5