Lauren Bondy, LCSW

Therapist, Parent Educator /Parent Coach

What would it be like to feel more connected to the truth of who you are? You deserve to be the best you.

I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and provide counseling for adults and young adults struggling with anxiety, depression, difficulties with trust & connection, low self-worth, divorce and parenting challenges .  I provide a safe and compassionate environment for exploring whatever is causing feelings of limitation or stuckness.  I believe that everyone is unique-each with special gifts and purpose. 

I am a Certified, Level 2 trained Internal Family Systems (IFS) therapist.  IFS is powerful–especially for those who don’t want “traditional talk therapy.”  My approach is holistic-attending to mind, body and spirit. I’ll support you in discovering and healing your younger parts that may be burdened with limiting beliefs or trauma. Together, we will discover the root causes and protective layers that are interfering with the joy and connection you deserve. Many of my clients have made significant shifts when we work with the Internal Family Systems (IFS) model.

My greatest intention is to support you in moving toward greater authenticity by creating a stronger relationship with your Self. And with connection to Self, you will also find deeper closeness in your relationships. I truly believe that our challenges are opportunity for awakening when we take the courageous step to heal.

Clients who work with me are accepted at all times. As I empower you to move beyond your current challenges, I will incorporate meditation, mindfulness and other strategies that will help you develop mind-body awareness, access your inner wisdom and strength as you move toward greater authenticity and inner peace.

I received my Master’s degree in clinical social work from Loyola University Chicago.

FOR PARENTS:  Parenting is one of my great passions. As a mother of three grown children, I know firsthand that this is the hardest job we will ever do without training. And, it is also the most important. I believe that the role of parent is a transformational journey, and that the inevitable challenges offer numerous gifts along the way.

My extensive background in parenting and family issues as well as my training in Internal Family Systems (IFS) allows me to be uniquely suited to helping parents.  With concrete tools, strategies and effective non-punitive discipline, I help parents get to the root of behavioral issues. Parent coaching is also an opportunity for parent healing. When our children trigger us, they are activating our wounds and also our protective parts.  It is our protective parts that want to make our kids wrong and punish them. While our kids aren’t triggering us on purpose, those parts of us that get activated are worthy of our attention. They actually provide direct clues for our healing.  I’ll help you heal and become more calm, curious, compassionate and connected  to your children.  AND, you will learn tools and strategies so that your family can truly transform and you have the peaceful and loving home you desire.

No Band-aid solutions–we know they don’t work! As co-founder of Parenting Perspectives, I have presented original interactive workshops and courses to over 14,000 parents and teachers in the Chicago metropolitan area. I am a keynote speaker, repeated Hay House radio guest, have authored numerous articles, and appeared on ABC-7’s Connect with Kids. My work has been called “eye opening, incredibly positive and non-judgmental.”

I am married and the mother of three adult children.  At this time, I am doing 100% tele-health.  Call for a free 10-minute consultation to see if i am a good fit for you. 847- 562-9503 or

Accepting BCBS IL PPO and BCBS Blue Choice.


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“Yesterday I found myself feeling markedly different —much more hope, less obsessive thoughts and more self-confidence. Thank you, Lauren, for your support and encouragement. I am very excited that I have embarked on a new phase of my journey.”

– Divorced father of two