How We Began....

The Parenting Perspectives Story

In 1996, we were both first-time moms to infant boys. We had each enrolled in a Mom & Tot class seeking to have fun with our babies and meet other parents. After a class, one brave mom asked if anyone was interested in grabbing lunch. Five mothers and babies went to the local restaurant and an amazing friendship began. We bonded instantly. For the next five years, the five mothers and children got together several times a week. There were playgroups, swim lessons, and outings. We helped each other through baby blues, terrible twos, tantrums, miscarriage, second and third pregnancies, moving, potty training, celebrations and heartache. Our bond gave us all strength to be the loving mothers and partners we wanted to be.

The two of us quickly discovered that we shared more than a friendship. As trained therapists, we found that our beliefs and parenting styles were similar, and that we shared a passion for becoming the best parents possible.

Thrust into the challenges of motherhood, we devoured books on parenting. Our daily experience with our own children provided the perfect laboratory for applying and developing the pragmatic approach that would eventually become Parenting Perspectives.

One of our biggest observations was the huge gap that exists between the theories and principles we were reading and our personal daily experiences. How became as important as Why. We discovered our gift for taking principles and theory of parenting and applying them to everyday parenting challenges. We sought out, and in some cases invented, specific tools and methods that are effective with children. Excitement grew as we wanted to share all that we were learning with other parents. We envisioned a world with empowered parents, consciously, confidently and joyfully creating loving, peaceful homes with thriving children.

To do this, we developed a unique team-teaching approach that includes live demonstrations showing parents “how not” and “how to” that have now helped thousands of moms and dads become more conscious parents.

“People couldn’t stop talking about how fabulous you both were last night! Seriously, I don’t know if I’ve ever heard more excitement about any other speakers or programs. No one wanted to leave. People were interested and involved, learned a lot and had a great time. What could be better?”

– Chicago-area Mother