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DVD: Tantrums, Tears and Battles: Preventing Power Struggles

Power struggles can occur over just about anything. Some typical conflict arenas are bedtime, getting out the door, food, chores, getting dressed, homework and use of electronics. Battling with children creates anger, resentment, distance and rebellion. It is always lose-lose. Most parents are missing some necessary tools for getting things done without going to battle with their child. This workshop provides parents with the necessary ingredients for understanding the dynamics of power struggles, preventing power struggles, and redirecting them. In this fun and entertaining workshop, you will learn:

    Specific strategies for preventing power struggles
    Tips for getting out of power struggles when they do occur
    3 simple steps for setting limits guaranteed to make your life easier for years to come


1 DVD: 1hr and 19 min.

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Price: $20.00

DVD: Top Tips for Quibbling Siblings

“Tommy hit me! Tell him to stop.” Sound familiar? When siblings fight with each other it drives parents crazy. Siblings fight for many reasons and it is unrealistic to think that your children will never fight.  However, persistent bickering and arguing creates stress for the entire family. In this interactive workshop parents will see insightful and entertaining demonstrations of three common mistakes that most parents make in an effort to put a stop to quibbling. These mistakes actually reinforce the very behavior that drives parents crazy. You will be taught helpful strategies to help your children develop the necessary skills to manage their own conflicts. You will learn:

    Tools for lessening sibling rivalry and for strengthening your children’s relationships with each other
    Common parenting traps and strategies for managing sibling conflict when it does arise
    Tools for out-of-control, hitting, or verbally hurtful behavior
     The benefits of sibling conflict

One DVD: 1 hr and 6 min.

Take advantage of our "special" when you purchase a set of all 3 DVDs below.

Price: $20.00

2 DVD Set-Discipline That Works: Preventing Misbehavior (Part 1) & Dealing with Misbehavior (Part 2)

Do you ever wonder why sometimes your discipline strategies work and sometimes they don’t? Do you find yourself disciplining your children in ways that don’t feel good in your heart?  Do you wonder if your methods are effective?  This enlightening and entertaining workshop helps parents understand what makes discipline effective and why some common discipline practices are unhelpful in the long run. Parents will gain insight into why children misbehave, and how best to meet their emotional needs. Learn to:

    Connect with your child, prevent misbehavior and gain cooperation
    Set limits effectively
    Discipline without yelling; get results without punishment
    Use logical consequences effectively
    Encourage responsibility
    Feel calmer and enjoy being a parent

Part 1: 1hr and 25 min.  Part 2: 1hr and 3min.

Take advantage of our "special" when you purchase a set of all 3 DVDs below.