The LifeLine Technique™

Offered by Lauren Bondy, LCSW, Certified LifeLine Practitioner, Co-Founder of Parenting Perspectives

What is the LifeLine Technique?

Developed by Dr. Darren Weissman, The LifeLine Technique™ is an advanced healing system that addresses the root cause of physical and emotional symptoms such as anxiety, stress, depression, and fear.  This groundbreaking technique views symptoms, stress and disease as the language our body uses to awaken us to our authentic power.  This means that symptoms are actually a “strange gift” that can open us up to greater experiences of love, health, possibility and well-being.  By interpreting, harmonizing and releasing the root cause of symptoms, your body, relationships and life are free to heal, and you begin to thrive. The LifeLine Technique™ is available in person or by phone, and can be used with children or adults.

How do I know if The LifeLine Technique™ can help me as a parent?

  • If you find yourself parenting in ways that cause you to feel “bad”, “guilty” or “ashamed.”
  • If you find yourself yelling, punishing or scolding your child and long for a different way.
  • If parenting feels stressful and you want to feel calm, patient and confident.
  • If you are questioning your ability to parent effectively or feeling guilty about the lack of joy you feel as a parent.

Why should I consider the LifeLine Technique™ for emotional healing?

Parenting Perspectives believes there are two key ingredients for conscious parenting.  First, parents need a wide range of tools for the inevitable challenges that arise.  Second, parents need to become aware of and understand their reactive nature and then take responsibility for it. 

There are many things children say or do that “push our buttons” thereby triggering an emotional response.  For example: you ask your child to stop doing something, he ignores you, and you go ballistic.  Or, perhaps your daughter is sad because she was treated poorly by a group of kids and you become worried and unable to shake it.  What’s really happening here?  Going ballistic or becoming worried always means that a subconscious reactive pattern has been triggered.  Sometimes parents find enough self-control to manage their way through the particular challenge with ease, but there are times it feels like something much bigger is going on. 

These are the types of unwanted behaviors and emotions that limit parents from behaving towards their children with acceptance and love.  When parents experience the LifeLine Technique™, they not only learn what causes negative reactions, but they are able to transform their own unhealthy patterns that negatively impact their children’s emotional development.  Parents’ reactive patterns can be the catalyst that leads to conscious parenting and living a thriving life.

What is a LifeLine session like?

As a Master LifeLine Practitioner trained by Dr. Weissman, I help you gain a clear vision for your life including being the parent you want to be. I will take you through a process that will allow you to reconnect to yourself. Each LifeLine session peels away the subconscious layers that inhibit you from staying connected to others and yourself when challenges arise.  It is not necessary to pour your heart out in the process in order to change your life.  However, some people feel very emotional during a session while others experience deep peace.  Most people begin to notice immediate shifts in their perceptions of stress and challenges.  I will gently guide you in releasing any blocked emotions and help you to reconnect to your truest self.  All clients are gently cared for in the process.  For more information on the LifeLine Technique™, visit:

What additional support is offered?

After your session, I support you with practical tools, tips and strategies for whatever issues you are struggling with. With barriers removed and new tools and strategies in place, you will leave your session with all the support you need to live the joyful life you dream of.