Workshops, Multi-Week Courses, Parent Coaching, Counseling Services, Online Parenting Courses, Webinars, and other free resources


To help groups of parents, our workshops provide information and demonstrations to illustrate a wide range of parenting tools.

Local Parenting Classes

Our highly-acclaimed multi-week parenting courses designed for more in-depth parenting tools, strategies and education.

Parent Coaching

Parent Coaching offers personalized and private support to address your family’s specific needs. You will learn tools and strategies designed to nurture healthy development and foster the unique potential of your children.


Karen and Lauren provide a safe and accepting environment to help individuals, couples and families explore issues necessary for growth and healing.


Learn to foster responsibility, resiliency and self-esteem in your children; end tantrums and tears, reduce power struggles and set limits that work; hold children accountable while nurturing healthy development; and deepen your connection to your children, stay calm under pressure, and increase confidence in your parenting style. Find out more about the course that has helped more than 15,000 families thrive.

Additional Resources

Our transformative online course enables you to foster responsibility, resiliency and self-esteem in your children, while becoming the loving, effective and calm parent you’ve always wanted to be.

Divorce Services

Get Through Your Divorce With the Skill, Insight and Inner Strength to Avoid Emotional Meltdowns, Angry Fighting and Power Struggles, and Ensure the Best Possible Outcome for You and Your Children

Free Resources

Free articles, videos and other information for parents and teachers.